You should hire Pepe Sánchez

Other things I was doing as a CD in El Salvador ︎ 

Mercedes Benz - Star Motors

Move things faster 

To win a free ride in a Mercedes-Benz for your date, we came up with an activation.

These are the romantic social media sketches promoting that activation.

Bar ︎

Sweater ︎

Neighbor ︎

Santo Coraje

Fear Stories

Santo Coraje beer translates to “Holy Courage”.
We didn’t want to make it too moralist, so we gave them this manifesto.

Some prints that we ran back in El Salvador ︎

Ripen an avocado with $5,000

RiveraRivera Publicis, 2016

A bad print ad is just really expensive paper.
People will use it to rub windows, or pick dog poo.
We ran this self promo ad on a business segment.

With Juan Carlos Sol, who actually wanted to write:
“How to pick up dog shit with $5K?”

And the MadManesque art by Gabriela Vega.

Tic Tack

Don Evaristo 

Ads in El Salvador are usually foreign and cheesy.
So we made fun of that, by inserting a real salvadorean in the background.

Davivienda Bank

Various prints

Tribu DDB, 2012 - 2015

The first client I had as a CD was a bank.
We did lots of credit card promos. These are some of them.

Discounts in Gas Stations with your credit card
so you don’t have to worry about the tank.

Right now this man is buying three Elvis costumes online.
If you don’t protect your credit card, someone will use it for you.

In the future, every payment will be electronic.
In the present, we offer the best ATM network